Mekasukey Academy

Mekasukey Academy

Mekasukey Academy was built in 1891 for the education of Creek and Seminole boys. The school was an imposing looking structure, the show place of the area. It was four stories high and, unlike most public buildings, had electricity, steam heat, and indoor plumbing, with water piped from a nearby spring.

The school had a staff of 20, and though it could accommodate up to 100 students, enrollment was usually kept between 80-90. The school was almost self-sufficient. Students raised meat, vegetables, and dairy products. Since it was a boarding school, all the teachers and employees lived on campus.

Teachers were supposed to speak only English, and children were not allowed to speak Seminole during the nine month school term.

Mrs. Ada Oliver Sullivan was a teacher at Mekasukey Academy from 1918 to 1927.

The Academy was closed in 1930, then later burned.

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