Enoch Kelly Haney

The Guardian

Enoch Kelly Haney has served 3 terms in the Oklahoma House of Representatives and is currently serving in the Oklahoma State Senate and is Chairman of the Appropriations Committee. 

He has earned the title of "Master Artist of the Five Civilized Tribes" and has served as "The Honored One" at Red Earth. His art has been exhibited in the US, Europe, and Asia and is globally recognized. 

He is a graduate of Oklahoma City University and Bacone College. An enrolled member of the Seminole tribe he has served as business consultant, councilman and planner for the tribe. He is truly a native son.

Kelly has been sculpting from a very early age. He remembers going to the river as a young boy, digging clay out of the river bank and carving  a bust of Abraham Lincoln. He has been comfortable in the world of sculpting for a very long time.

When asked about his art, he said "Sculptures should be touched, it is good for the piece and good for the person doing the touching, too often that is overlooked".

Kelly Haney was chosen by the State Capitol Preservation Commission to sculpt the statue that will stand atop the capitol dome. The sculpture depicts an Indian male holding a lance firmly planted into the ground. The image is of standing one's ground, the deep love for family and home, and the desire to protect them, hence the name of the sculpture - The Guardian.

In a blind judging, The Centennial Commission selected  The Guardian  as the statue to be placed on top of the State Capitol Dome. The bronze statue will stand 17 feet high and weigh 4 to 4 1/2 tons. Kelly has waived his commission fee of $50,000, saying this was his gift to Oklahoma from he and his family. 

The features of The Guardian will be representative of all Native American cultures, not generic but rather all-inclusive.  The dress of the sculpture will be ' of the earth '. Buckskin, mussel shells, and wood, items which would exist for him in a time long ago. The Guardian  will be a forever sign that we as individuals should be vigilant and alert to protect what we value and what we hold most dear.

The  Guardian, was delivered June 1 to the Capitol's north steps. It was on display through June 6 followed by a raising ceremony at 10 in the morning on June 7, 2002.  

The Capitol Dome was dedicated on statehood day, November 16,  2002





The Guardian - Oklahoma History & Culture

 Warrior Prepared To Stand His Ground 

Warriors Earthly  Vigil on Capitol's North Steps

Dedication and Raising Ceremony of The Guardian Program

Warrior Standing Guard Over Oklahoma



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