"No people have fought with more determination to retain their native soil,
nor sacrificed so much to uphold the justice of their claims.

"Removal of the tribe from Florida to the Canadian Valley was the bitterest and most costly of all Indian Removals"

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Searchable Native American Database

1860 Indian Territory Census

Moore's Seminole Roll and Land Guide~1898

1915 Census Miami Agency Florida


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Campbell's Abstract of Seminole Indian Census Cards and Index

The Complete Seminole

The Integration & Analysis of Seminole Records Concerning Enrollment, Allotment, Distribution; and Civil Records developed by the Dawes Commission.
A Comprehensive ever-name index that includes references to all the records created as a result of the allotment process, beginning with the
Seminole Census Cards of 1897, land allotments records through 1905.

Applications For Enrollment of Seminole Newborn Act of 1905 Volume I & II

Applications For Enrollment Of Seminole Newborn Freedmen Act of 1905

1900 Seminole Nation, I. T. Census

1907 Seminole County Census of Oklahoma & Indian Territory

1910 Federal Census 0f Seminole County, Oklahoma

1910 Federal Census of Seminole Co., Oklahoma

1920 Federal Census Index/Seminole County Records

Seminole Indians of Florida 1850-1874 Subsistence & Annuity Rolls

Seminole of Florida Indian Census 1930-1940 w/Birth & Death Records 1930-1940

1900 Indian Territory Index For Quapaw, Ottawa, Shawnee, Modoc, Seneca & Wyandotte Indian Nation

The Seminole Capital ~ Hometown Newspaper of Wewoka Co., Oklahoma ~
Births, Deaths & Marriages ~ June 1904~April 1915

Oklahoma Seminoles~ Medicine, Magic and Religion

The Seminole Baptist Churches of Oklahoma

Seminole Nation Home

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