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Tuckabatche Creek Nation
May 12 1855

[To the Commissioner of Indian Affairs]

I wish for you to attend to assist the Seminoles in recovering their Annuity for two years and I have directed the chiefs of said tribe to have the census taken and see the number that has been deprived from their rights - And make some arrangements with the department if possible - And the whole number is one thousand and forty nine persons that has been dispossessed - And Mr. Drew promised to attend to it while in office.  And it is because these Seminoles joined us Creeks and be governed by our laws - And I think according to the treaty they are entitled to have a share of the Seminole Annuity - And they come to see me for the purpose of writing you these lines for they have been deprived of their rights as I aforesaid.  Our agent is absent is the reason why I write you this letter because you are the Superintendant of all the Agents and Indian Affairs- do the best you can for them that lays in your power - write to me soon as time will admit.

I enclose to you a letter that was wrote to the Creek Chiefs by John Jumper, chief of the Seminoles and also the Census of the Seminoles and their law makers as you will perceive by looking over the list.

Nothing more at present
But remain your friend & brother
Tuckabatchee Micco
Principal chief C D

Seminole Agency, S. N. January 30th 1855

Our friends and brothers,

We have received and read your letter to our agent concerning the Seminoles who have joined your people and complained to you. Although we have few words to say, yet we feel that it is right to send you an answer, and we, this morning, do it through the medium of our own agent.

The few Seminoles who have joined your people have so done voluntarily, and knew their own business. If a man possess a piece of property, be it small or otherwise, it is his business to take care of and attend to it. If he abandons it of his own accord it his own fault.

We do not know what you have done about these Seminoles who have joined your people, and we cannot interfere. They complain that they draw none of the Seminole Annuity, but they, left us freely and when they became Creeks they ceased to be Seminoles as members. They made some arrangement with your people about joining them and leaving us. They are therefore citizens of the Creek Nation and ought to so regard themselves.

We consider the Seminoles as a separate and distinct people, and by our laws, of whatever nature, we act and are bound. Therefore we consider that the Seminoles ought to be of one band and mind, following their own laws. If any of our people leave us, we do not drive them away from us; they go freely and it is their own affair and business.

We do not complain because these Seminoles left us; so they ought not to complain because they left us of their own accord and can not consequently attach any blame to us. If they chose to become Creeks they cannot blame us if we do not now number them as Seminoles. Yet we feel friendly to all these Seminoles who have left us, as well as to all our Creek brothers.

While these Seminoles who have left us and joined your people continue to be citizens of the Creek Nation, we cannot number them as Seminoles. But if, at any time after, to satisfy themselves, they wish to return to us, and will come under and conform to all our laws, in Council, in working, and will do as all our people by law are required to do, and become again citizens of the Seminole Country, we shall be glad to number them again with our people; but until they do so, we cannot.

This is all, friends and brothers, that we now have to say. As above remarked, if these Seminoles who have left us wish to return and will conform to all our laws as citizens of the Seminole Nation, then and only then, will we remember our promise.

We are your friends
John Jumper
Prin. Chief Seminoles

Pah suk ker Yo ho lo
Speaker Council

Tuckabatchee & Echo Harjo
Creek Chiefs

This is to show the number of Law Makers & People in each Town or Census of the Seminoles Admitted into the Creek Nation and have not received any annuity out of the Seminole Annuity for 2 years.

  Fus hat che Town No of Persons
1 Tus tun no che,  Chief  
2 Fus hat che Tus tun nuggee  
3 Che was ti ye Harjo  
4 Woxe Harjo  
5 Micco Mu char sah  
6 Che was ti ye Micco 93
  Thle war le Town  
1 Co har Thlocco,   Chief  
2 Cotcher yarholar  
3 Char le Emarthlar  
4 Ar chu le Harjo  
5 Chue le yarholar 100
  Thle war le Town  
1 Chu Emarthlar  
2 Oc ti ar che Harjo  
3 Cho Fixico 34
    227 Persons
  O che se Town No of persons
1 O che se Micco,   Chief  
2 Cotcher Fixico  
3 E cho Harjo  
4 Ne har Thlocco Harjo  
5 Us sin Harjo 71
  Torto  Hue thle Town  
1 Con char te Micco,   Chief  
2 E mar thlar  
3 Fus Harjo Chopco  
4 Sarn o chee 88
  Cho ko nek thlar Town  
1 Charles Walker,   Chief  
2 In sar par  
3 Nulth cup Harjo  
4 Co e Emar thlar  
5 Tal loaf Harjo 100
  Ar tus se Town  
1 Itch his yarholar  
2 Wox e yarholar  
3 Chis se Harjo 29
    425 Persons
  Con hat ke Town No of Persons 
1 Sun tul Harjo,  Chief  
2 Pow hose Hopiye  
3 No co se 44
  Co lum me Town  
1 Fus hat che Micco,   Chief  
2 Tus tun nuc Chopco  
3 Fus Harjo  
4 Ok chun Harjo 54
  Talla see Town  
1 Fus yarholar,   Chief   
2 Lah tah Fixico   
3 No cose Emarthlar  
4 Ki o mar me  
5 Tal a de Emarthlar 117
  Yar wo le Town  
1 Thla thlo Harjo,  Chief  
2 Cho ful war  
3 Se lit ti ge  
4 Chu yar ho lar  
5 Yar har har cho che 83
  Tallasee Town  
  No cos ille,  Chief 22
    320 Persons
  Ar tus see Town No of persons
1 Con tul Harjo,  Chief  
2 Thla thlo Emarthlar  
3 E mar thlo che 54
  He che te Town  
1 Ho tul ga Tus tun nug gee,  Chief    
2 Nock fie ye  
3 Mis si ke  
  Che yar har Town  
1 Cotcher Fixico,  Chief  
2 Thla thlo Harjo  
3 Co nip yarholar 117
    991 Persons
  Chiefs and law makers 58
  Making the whole number 1049

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