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The Hometown Newspaper of Wewoka, I.T.

June 2, 1904

MISS ELLA MONAHEE, married HEWMAN H. JACOBS , May 30, 1904, in Emahaka, I.T., in the home of MR. FRANK JACOBS, Sunday evening by REV. W. P. BLAKE.


June 16, 1904

Lieutenant ROBERT B. MITCHELL, died at a government hospital in Washington, D.C. Injured last fall playing football, died after an operation. Born November 11, 1875 in Cleveland, OK. Survived by parents, ROBERT R. & LOUISE MITCHELL of Wewoka, five brothers and two sisters.

July 21, 1904

MR. & MRS. J. N. MCNABB, had a baby girl, July 14, 1904.

July 28, 1904

ALICE MAYBERRY of Yeager, I.T. married S. H. JONES, also of Yeager. Married Sunday morning by REV. HAWKINS.

August 4, 1904

JOHN HARDIN died last Sunday night and buried Monday afternoon. He was about 23 years old.

August 25, 1904

EDNA HIGHTOWER died Monday, August 22 of typhoid fever. Services were held Tuesday in the Baptist Church. Survived by her parents, MR. & MRS. HIGHTOWER.

September 1, 1904

MR. & MRS. ALEX MCNABB had a daughter, Friday, August 27.

September 8, 1904

F. T. WAKEFIELD died Saturday, September 3, of typhoid fever at age 35 years. Buried in Tower Hill, Illinois. Survived by wife and a daughter, born the same afternoon he died. Wife's parents mentioned , MR. & MRS. SREGFRIED of Downing, MO.

September 15, 1904

MISS MOLLIE LEMM of Wetumka, married JOHN COMMODORE RICHARDSON, of Wetumka. Married Wednesday afternoon, September 7, 1904 by REV. T. J. TOWNSEND.

September 29, 1904

MR. & MRS. MILTON, had a ten pound baby girl last night.

November 10, 1904

MR. & MRS. J. L. DIXON a daughter, born Tuesday, November 6, 1904.

PEARL CABBELL (boy) died last week on Wednesday of congestive chill at age fourteen. Survived by father E. B. CABBELL.

November 24, 1904

MISS BESSIE COFFEE daughter of MR. & MRS. GEORGE W. COFFEE of Carthage, MO married MR. SAMUEL H. NICHOLS of Wewoka, I.T.  Married in the home of bride's parents, Monday, November 21, by REV. J. T. MCGARVEY of the Christian Church of Carthage.

MISS MACIL STROOP of Wewoka, married MR. G. G. HARISE also of Wewoka. Married by REV. J. E. NELSON in his home Thursday, November 10.

MISS JENNIE MITCHELL, daughter of MR. & MRS. R. R. MITCHELL, married MR. DENNIS M. OGLESBEE of Ohio. Married in the home of the bride at high noon on Thanksgiving day by REV. J. E. NELSON.

December 1, 1904

MISS EVELINE CUDJO, Wetumka married MR. HOUSTON LINCOLN, Wetumka, November 20.

MISS RUTH ROSS, Earlsboro married CHARLIE STILL, Earlsboro, in Wewoka.

MRS. EFFIE PERRY, Wewoka married MR. W. H. COFFEY, Wewoka, at Wewoka, Wednesday, November 30 by REV. NELSON. 

January 5, 1905


February 16, 1905

MISS DATHREYNE GREMER married MR. CHAS. SAUNDERS in Paola, KS , on Valentine's Day.

MISS ROSY SULLIVAN married MR. A.T. MATIN, at the courthouse on Monday.

March 2, 1905

MISS VIRGINIA WEBB married MR. PEYTON B. HOWARD in Muskogee, I.T., February 26.

March 16, 1905

MR. & MRS. O. F. MCCONNELL had a son, born Monday, March 13th.

March 23, 1906

MISS ANNIE ETHEL RUSMISEL, daughter of MR. & MRS. J. N. RUSMISEL of Stafford County, KS, married MR. HENRY FRANKLIN TOLLS of Wewoka, I.T. Married in the home of the bride's parents, Wednesday, March 15, by REV. J. H. HARVEY.

WELLMAN JENNING, an infant died. Services Thursday afternoon and WELLMAN is survived by his parents.

March 30, 1905

HULPUTTA MICCO, Chief of the Seminoles, died Saturday, March 25. He was past 70 years old.

April 25, 1905

MR. & MRS. ROBERT WHITE had a son, Monday, April 24.

June 15, 1905

MRS. FLORENCE B. KERR of Shawnee, O.T. married  R. A. BAYNE of Wewoka, I.T.  Married in the First Methodist Episcopal Church parsonage last evening by REV. BURT.

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