The honor guard stand straight and tall, the flag waves in the breeze
Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, welcome you from the mountains cross the sea
The Chariot rolls to a stop, the engines cease their roar
The honor ramp starts slowly down, then stops, upon the corridor

Our nations colors cover you, as you're brought down side by side
Across the deck the march is smooth, in perfect step and stride
A single voice is all that's heard, no "Taps" or rifle sound
Repatriation needs no words, the silence is profound


By Bob Reynolds on the occasion of Repatriation of Gale Robert Siow
 and the crew of VO-67 Crew 2 on July 10, 2001



Civil War Medal of Honor Recipients

Seminole-Negro Indian Scouts



Pvt. Adam Paine, September 20, 1874

Pvt. Pompey Factor, April 25, 1875

Pvt. Isaac Payne, April 25, 1875


Sgt. John Ward, April 25, 1875



World War II

Order of the Purple Heart Recipient

Chief of the Seminole Nation

MSgt. Edwin Tanyan


Korean Conflict

Bronze Star Recipient

Chief of the Seminole Nation

MSgt. Edwin Tanyan


Indian Police Academy/Federal Law Enforcement Training

The Indian Law Enforcement Officers Memorial


Thomas Cloud


Seminole Agency


Seminole Light Horse Police

Billy Cully


World War II

The Order of the Purple Heart was awarded to the following Seminoles:

J. D. Walker

Miller Yahola

Johnson Davis
Amos Davis

"Since WWI, Native Americans have served in the United States Armed Forces.
During the Viet Nam War, close to 90% of the 86,000 Native Americans who enlisted volunteered,
giving Native Americans the highest record of service per capita of any ethnic group.
Over half served in combat."
Tom Holm

  Two...are still there


Elliot Crook

SP5 U.S. Army  CO A 101 AVN BN 101 ABN DIV 
12 JUN 48   17 May 72 Phoenix, AZ 1W L26
South Vietnam-Thua Thien Province

Dennis Wayne Hammond

SSGT U.S. Marines CAP 101 CACE CAG 2 111 MAF
26 APR 46   08 FEB 68 Detroit, MI  38E L29
South Vietnam-Quang Nam Province

Gale Roberts Siow

ATN3 U.S. Navy
8 DEC 40   11 JAN 68 Huntington Park, CA 34E L31
Laos-LZ Province
Gale Roberts Siow is listed as Missing In Action

Update-July 10, 2001

Repatriation of VO-67 Crew-2
KIA 11 JAN 1968
Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii



"For those who fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know"


Forbis Pipkin Durant, Jr.

Lance Cpl. E3 U.S. Marines

17-May-1945 10-Mar-1968 Atoka, OK  44E L6

South Vietnam-Quang Nam Province




Seminole Nation Home

 2001-Present Linda Simpson

 04 September 2021