Nurcup Harjo Band


This band was a part of the Appalachicola Tribe of northern Florida, a branch of the lower Creek Confederacy.
They were also known as the Tamathi. In 1818 their leader was Asi Harjo, in 1822 Mulatto King, and in 1834 Nokus Yahola became the paramount leader.

In 1835 two Bands of the Appalachicola merged under the leadership of John Walker, the son of Mulatto King.
Both of these Bands were "white towns". By 1838 the Appalachicola were sent west where Tamathli reached the Indian Territory in late October of 1838.
They settled around the Little country under the leadership of John Walker.

In 1861 the Band sided with the Confederacy during the American Civil War period under the leadership of Band Chief Charley Walker.
Other noted leaders of this band include longtime Chairman Wilson Kinney, Principak Chiefs Phillip Walker and James Milam,
Council Representatives Robert Kernell, Helen Colbert, Beulah Jones and Sam Johnson.

Nurcup Harjo in 2000 numbered around 650 members. They continue to be a proud and vital part of the Seminole Nation.


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