Seminole Nation Newspapers

Prior To Statehood (1907)

Konawa Chief   1904-1905

Maud Mercury   1904-190?

Konawa Chief-Leader   1905-192?

Maud Monitor   1904-19??

Konawa Leader   1905-1905

Seminole Capital   1902-1911

Maud Democrat   1906-1909

Wewoka Democrat   1906-1917

Wewoka Herald   1905-1906

Wewoka Weekly Herald   1906-1907

The Seminoles were the most reluctant of the Five Civilized Tribes to adopt the white man's culture,
and as a result, few newspapers were published in the Seminole Nation up to statehood.


Seminole County Newspapers

Published after statehood (16-Nov-1907)


Daily Times- Democrat 192?-1933 Wewoka

Lima Observer 1914-19?? Lima 

Maud Record 196?-1976 Maud

Seminole Evening Reporter 1936-1937 Seminole

Wewoka and Lima Courier 1913-191? Wewoka

Wewoka Daily Times 1957-1995 Wewoka

 Wewoka Times Democrat 1933-1950 Wewoka

Gossip 192?-1929 Wewoka

Maud Daily Enterprise 1928-1938 Maud

Sasakwa Life 1911-192? Sasakwa

Seminole Morning News 1927-1932 Seminole

Wewoka Capital Democrat 1917-19?? Wewoka

Wewoka Sun 1976-1977 Wewoka


Wewoka Times 1995-present Wewoka


Konawa Enterprise 19??-1926 Konawa

Maud Enterprise 1939-196? Maud

Sasakwa News 1940-1942 Sasakwa

Seminole Morning Reporter 1934-1936 Seminole

Wewoka Courier 1912-1912 Wewoka

Wewoka Times 1927-192? Wewoka


Wewoka Daily Times 192?-1927 Wewoka


Konawa Leader 1925-present Konawa

Maud Messenger 1909-1911 Maud

Seminole County Capital 1911-1917 Seminole

Seminole Producer 1927-present Seminole

Wewoka Daily Democrat 1926-1928? Wewoka

Wewoka Times 1950-1957 Wewoka

 Seminole County News 1907-1948 Seminole





Konawa Times 1907-190? Konawa 

News-Recorder 1976-1993 Maud 

Tri-City Sun 1976-197? Wewoka 






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