[M234, roll 291, frame 326]

Office of Indian Agency
Tampa Bay E. F.
19th March 1841


I have the honor to advise the Department that, I received from General Armistead Commanding & c. Forty Five thousand Dollars as follows, viz:  on the 11th March & $20,000 & on the 18th of March $25,000 Dollars and from Capt. John Page the sum of $10,000 dollars in a draft on the U. S. B mint at N. Orleans.

I leave here tomorrow morning with about 300 Indians, emigrating to their new homes, by order of the General as  far as New Orleans, there to turn my funds into specie (silver) disburse a large portion of the amount received  by me in paying the Chiefs & Warriors the amount due to them under "treaty stipulation", and the balance will probably be absorbed in procuring transportation and contingencies consequent thereon - hence you will perceive that nearly all the funds will be expended.

I will Sir, advise you of my arrival at New Orleans & how affairs progress but; Sir in order to carry out the views of the Department fully as regards the emigration it will be absolutely necessary that, no delay is experienced in the transmission of funds

I desire, if convenient to the Dept. that future remittances be made in specie drafts, as silver is the only money they will receive, and to consult their wishes in the matter I deem politic. 

On my return from N. Orleans by the steamer that goes hence with a portion of the number named which will be probable in 18 or 20 days,  I hope to receive the balance of the appropriation as such funds as is specified in the foregoing.

Very Respectfully
your mo. obt. servt.
L. G. Capers
Disbursing Agent
of Indian Affairs

T. Hartley Crawford
Commission of Indian Affairs
Washington D.C.

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