[M234, roll 291, frame 358]

Office of the Indian Agency
Fort Brooke Tampa Bay Aug 27 1841


I have the honor to inform you that since my last report, forty three Indians have been taken, among them the chief Hospa tarkee, and several very important sub chiefs of scattering bands, who have joined him within the last year, this chief with seventeen prime picked men, met to hold a talk with the Colonel Commanding, and being himself very suspicious of this chief, who had repeatedly before deceived us, he induced him with eleven of his Warriors, to remain with him, and send out for five others after the balance of his people, said to be about 250 all told.  Among the number above alluded to, are nine of Halleck Tustenuggee's band all women and children, who were captured a few days since, by a detachment from the 2d Regiment of Infantry, the balance seventeen were brought in by negotiation, this increases my list to 263 including Negroes.  There are now several negotiating parties out, from whom we hope for favourable results; the indefatigable zeal of our most able commander not only strikes terror to the hostile Indian but makes those who have become our friends see the utter folly of holding out any longer and the importance to themselves of striving to aid in our negotiating.   

I am Sir
Very Respectfully
Your Mo. Obt. Servt.

LeGrand G. Capers
U. S. Disbursing Agt
for Indian Affairs

T. Hartley Crawford
Commissioner of Indian Affairs
D. C.

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