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Tampa Bay Florida
11th July 1838

My dear Sir,

Since the return Holatoochee and Abram I have learned the names of the Seminole Negroes detained in New Orleans in consequence of certain, or uncertain, claims by Jim Boy's widow.

To aid the district attorney in traversing the villainous schemes of a few mongrel vagabonds, and to protect some really honest Indians in the possession of their rightful property, I have made minute inquiries about the ownership of the detained slaves.

I believe the following account may be relied on, & though, from the circumstances, of course incapable of being sustained by white witnesses, yet it will aid the advocate in his examination and must carry with it a certain weight inseparable from a true story.

First slaves belonging to the Indian woman Harriett Bowlegs (daughter of old King Bowlegs, and granddaughter of old Cow Keeper). King Bowlegs was called by the Indians "Eneha Mikko".

1. Flora - old - light black - now in N Orleans
2. Juba (daughter of Flora) say 25 yrs
3. Abby or Cumba (daughter of Juba) say 3 yrs

The mother of Flora, named "Fai" or "Fy" was owned by old "Cow Keeper". He bequeathed her to one of his females relations (sister of Echo Fixico now in N Orleans, I believe) and from her King Bowlegs purchased Flora.

When Bowlegs died he left Flora and her offspring to his daughter Harriett Bowlegs.

4. Noble - black - very stout & handsome, say 23 yrs, now in N Orleans La.

The mother of Noble, named Beck, was bought in the English time by old Bowlegs in St. Augustine before the birth of her first child (Polly)

This first child Polly became a mistress of old Bowlegs, and he freed her & her children.

The other children of Beck (all born in the nation) including Noble he bequeathed to his daughter Harriett Bowlegs.

5. Jacob & 6. Daly - brothers - blck- young - in N Orleans

Old Bowlegs bought their grandmother, named Rose, from Mr. Forrester, the elder brother of the present Alexander or Sandy Forrester Esq near St. Augustine who was I believe a clerk or agent of the famous house of Forbes & Co.

She, Rose, and her offspring, including Jacob, and Daly, were willed to the sister of Harriett Bowlegs (named Sanathlaih kee). This sister died a year ago & the property now belongs to Harriett Bowlegs her nearest kin.

Of all the above slaves of H, Bowlegs only two were caught by the Creeks under Jim Boy vis. Juba & Jacob. The others came in voluntarily during the peace of Ft. Dade and were detained by order of General Jesup, Comdg.

The owner of the above property, came in under the Treaty of Fort Dade, and never violated said treaty, having remained in ever since. She is still here, and is an intelligent woman speaking English fluently. She has repeatedly been assured by the Comdg. Genl who made the Treaty and by the Indian Agent (John C. Casey) that all her slaves should be secured to her in compliance with the Treaty, and it was specially explained that any of her Negroes who might be captured by the Army would be regarded in the same light or similar properly belonging to the whites, and surrendered to her. I may add that I believe no one ever pretended to claim one of these Negroes before.

The second case is that of:

1. Louis - black - 40 yrs - good looking - intelligent - can read & write & speak Spanish, Indian --. This man belongs to the estate of the widow Pacheco now of Havana, formerly of Sarazota, 40 m. south of this place. He formerly belonged to Genl. Brooke who sold him to Major MacIntosh U. S. Army who sold him to the late Don Pacheco of Sarazota Florida. Capt. Wm Buna? or Manuel Olivella or Maj. McIntosh can prove it. Buna? is here & administrator to the estate of Pacheco

The third case is that of:

1. Katy - yellow - walleye - stout

2. her daughter - black - a little girl - Mr. F. Newcourt? late of the Army knows all about this case as she formerly belonged to him. I believe here is the only doubtful case, if any are so. Nelly Factor was her original owner and I believe she has rec'd part payment say 700.00? dollars from Gad Humphries.

The last & longest case is that of the Negroes belonging to Micco Potokee, an Indian chief who has gone west with Cloud and others.

To understand the claim to these Negroes it is necessary to back a little.

The Old Miccosuca king named Kinhaitsee bought in the English time, near St. Augustine two Negro girls named Melinda and Dolly. Old Pompey who lately died at Fort Pike had both these women for wives and both were prolific, for from them sprung all Micco Potokee's Negroes. Melinda & Dolly were not related and were purchased from different men. King Kinhaitsee made his will bequeathing all his Negroes to his nephew according to the old Indian law of descent.

After his death, Micco Potoke declined taking them at first and told the son (Tuska Eneha) and daughter of his uncle to keep them.

Tuska Eneha killed himself and his sister died when Micco Potoke by the double claim of the will & relationship took possession of the Negroes.

He caused the matter to be examined by the Agent the late Wiley Thompson and recorded at the Agency. The Agent gave him a certificate which he had and probably still has in his possession.

It is difficult to refer to any white persons who knew the Miccosuca & their Negroes before the change of flags as the old population has almost entirely disappeared from the frontier.

The following is a list of the Negroes detained at New Orleans who belong to Micco Potokee.

1. Long Toney - black - say 30 yrs
2. Molly - black - say 33, sister to Long Toney
3. Teena - black - short - very old - aunt to Long Toney
4. Mary - light black - large - 25 yrs - daughter of Teena
5. 6. 7. 8. 9. - children of Mary
10. Nancy - light black, -2 yrs - daughter of Teena
All these descended from Melinda.

11. Prince - handsome Negro - 30 yrs
12. Dolly - light black - very old
13. Peggy - lt. black - 48 - daughter of Dolly
14. Hagar - lt. black - 10 - daughter of Peggy
15. Hagar's baby - sucking
16. Scilla - blck - tall - 40 - daughter of Polly
17. Fanny - lt. black - tall - handsome - do 28
18. Eliza - lt. black - tall - handsome - do 20
19. Bella - black - 6 or 7 yrs - a daughter of Scilla
20. Charles - son of Fanny - aged 7 yrs
21. Margaret - 6 - daughter of Fanny
22. Silvia or Silby 2 - do

All, from 11 to 22 both inclusive are descendants of Dolly (12)

The following Negroes were brought in by the Creeks as prisoners:

12 Dolly, 13 Peggy, 14 Hagar, 16 Scilla, 17 Fanny, 18 Eliza, 19 Bella, 15 Hagar's baby, 20 Charles, 21 Margaret, 22 Silvia, 3 Teena, 456789 Mary & 5 children - Molly.

The others came in voluntarily, and were detained by order of Genl. Jesup about the time that the Indians bolted in 1837.

I must now close this long account with the hope that the claims of a few vagabond squatters whose --- provoked this war, by their iniquites will not be allowed any more consideration than they are entitled to.

Please to notify me of the progress of this dirty business

I am grieved to see one African Seminole go west, for I have always urged their removal to Africa - but still less do I wish the success of such scoundrel as Jim Boy who combines all the vice of white, Indian & Negro without the virtue of any.

There is one more woman whose case I had nearly forgotten.

1. Silla or Scilla - black - 20 - large - born in the nation - granddaughter of Fai or Fy (see p 2) and belongs to "Echo Fixico" who is now in N Orleans I believe - He went there with "orange? stick"

I have now accounted for 31 - the other two are not recollected but are probably the children of some of those named.

I am dear sir
Yr friend & sert
Jno. C. Casey
Actg. Sem. Agent

Major Isaac Clarke
Quarter Master U.S.A.
New Orleans La

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