George Kibbetts

Last of the known Seminole Indian Scouts


Came From Florida

Little has been written about the defiant band of redskins who came from the Florida Everglades early in the
nineteenth century, then dug roots so deep into Texas that neither time nor the white man's wars removed them.
Dwindling survivors of the tribe still living in the area are passing on a wealth of tales about the old scouts,
but their memories are hand-me-downs and the facts colored by blood of other races.

It's possible Kibbets came closer to the truth than anybody, that he took the real story with him.
But word of mouth and what written record there is has it that the Seminoles migrated first to east Texas,
then to Mexico and the Eagle Pass area. They allegedly mingled their blood with that of negroes they bought as
slaves in the push from the Everglades.



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