Orders Disbanding the Seminole Negro Indian Scouts
  and Removal of Some Families from the Fort Clark military reservation



To Whom It May Concern

In compliance with orders contained in the 3rd Indorsement Headquarters Southern Department, May 7th, 1914, and the 5th

Indorsement War Department, June 29th, 1914, on communications 2128018-A.A.G.O., April 16, 1914 - Subject Seminole Negro Indian Scouts. The Seminole Negro Indian Scouts will be disbanded and cease to exist as an organization after September 30, 1914. They will be discharged from Service of the United States in three detachments as follows: Privates, Curly Jefferson, Fay July, Sam Washington, and Charles J. July on July 31st, 1914. One third in the Scout camp on the reservation including the families of the scouts discharged July 31st, 1914 will move from the Fort Clark Military between August 1st and August 15th, 1914 with all of their stock and belongings.

The following named scouts will be discharged from the Service of United States, September 30th, 1914, - 1st Sgt. John Shields, Privates: Antonio Sanchez, Isaac Wilson and William Wilson. The remainder of the people including the Scouts discharged September 30th, 1914, and their families with the exception of those named in the following paragraph will move from Fort Clark Military Reservation between October 1st and October 15th, 1914 with all of their effects.

The following named members of the Scout Camp will be permitted to remain and live on the Fort Clark Military Reservation until the older people pass away in the course of nature, or until such time as the War Department may see fit to order their removal. After the removal of the people from the Scout Camp, the buildings not in use by those permitted to stay, will be demolished.

List of families and individuals of the seminole camp who are authorized to remain and reside on the Fort Clark military reservation


Joseph Phillips and 1 child 2
Renty Grueon (?)* 1
Eva Payne and 3 children 4
Dolly Bowlegs White and 1 daughter 2
Pompey Perryman and 1 son 2
Jim Perryman and son, son to remain during
the life of the father
Phyllis Kibbets and 4 children 5
Ann Williams and 4 children 5
Julie Ward and 1 son. The latter to remain as
means of support during the life of the mother
Adam Smith 1
Joe Thompson 1

By Order of Colonel Sibley
Captain & Adjutant 14th Cavalry
Fort Clark, Texas, July 10th, 1914

* = Believe surname should be Grayson





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