Ceyvah Band


This band is descended from one of the principal tribes of the southeastern area of the United States.
The Ceyvah were a part of the Muskhogean confederacy of Georgia and spoke the dialect of the Hitchiti language.
They made their way to Florida during the border wars with the Georgia Militia and forces of the American Army.

After the Second Seminole War period the Ceyvah Band was removed from Florida to Indian Territory.
This Band eventually settled in the northern part of the Seminole Nation after the treaty of 1856.

This Band had close ties with the Hitvhiti and Mekusukey Bands, who were neighbors.
Prior to the Dawes Commission enrollment period the Band was named the Okkoske Harjo Band.

Okkoske Harjo (Miller) was chairman of the Seminole Council (1900).


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