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Caesar Bruner Band


Caesar Bruner band was named after Caesar Bruner, a freedman, who was born in Florida around 1813. He arrived in Indian Territory over the historical "Trail of Tears". Under his leadership, a small Freedmen community called Bruner Town was formed. Several members of the extended Bruner family settled around him. The settlement was located midway between the present towns of Seminole and Konawa on Salt Creek. Caesar Bruner was the son-in-law to Abraham, an interpreter for the Seminole Indians and a great warrior.

Sometime in 1870, Caesar Bruner found a new location for his people on Turkey Creek where there was plenty of room for fishing, hunting, farming and cattle ranching.

Caesar Bruner was the first Band chief elected in the band shortly after the Civil War and remained in that position until death on June 26, 1923 at the age of 110 years. He is buried in Mount Zion Church graveyard which he had established for his people.

Caesar Bruner and his band promoted education for their members and making money in the cattle business. Band members were not allowed to commit crimes. If caught doing so, the band exacted harsh punishment.

Previous Band chiefs included Andrew Crockett and Lance and Lawrence Cudjoe.


Story of Freedman Caesar Bruner




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