Seminole Nation, I. T.

Bill Warrior

Corp. U. S. Indian Scouts


of Texas in the house of representatives
Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mr. RODRIGUEZ. Madam Speaker, I am honored to rise today to recognize Chief William "Dub'' Warrior of Brackettville, Texas, a Historian and Seminole-Negro Indian descendent of the John Horse Band, and commemorate the distinguished service and loyalty of the Seminole-Negro Indian Scouts to the United States Army.

Following the Civil War, the Army was called into west Texas to defend settlements and travelers against retaliation raids from displaced Apache and Comanche Indians. However, they lacked the ability to track down and stop them. The Army needed experienced Indian
fighters who knew the rugged terrain and were as skilled as their opponents at surviving and fighting in the desert borderlands. Thus, in
1870 the fearless Seminole-Negro Indians were recruited from Mexico as U.S. Army scouts. They were highly regarded and praised by their commanders for being excellent trackers, hunters and marksmen, and experts at hand-to-hand combat. During twenty-six expeditions they engaged in twelve battles without losing a single scout, and their bravery earned four scouts the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Therefore Madam Speaker it is my great pleasure to rise and announce in honor of these esteemed persons that the greater Washington, DC chapter of the 9th and 10th Horse Calvary Association, in partnership with the Army Freedom Team Salute and St. Elizabeth's Hospital of Washington, DC, has planned a Seminole-Negro Indian Recognition Ceremony for today, Friday, October 9, 2009 in the St. Elizabeth's Hospital Chapel. Chief William ``Dub'' Warrior will be the keynote speaker for this event. He is the descendant of Tony Warrior, who collaborated with and assisted John Horse, leader of the Seminole-Negro Indians, in the movement of their tribe from Indian Territory to slavery-prohibited Mexico. Chief Warrior's grandfather, Carolina Warrior, and great grandfather, Bill Warrior, were members of the revered U.S. Army scouts.



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